The best way to Clear a Printer Paper Jam

The best way to Clear a Printer Paper Jam

one Turn the printer off and on to check out if it might automatically clear some or all the jam. Many printers give an error-code listing over the front panel display for that place exactly where the jam occurred. In case your printer demonstrates an error code, make certain and check the printer manual to see if that identifies the spot on the printer in which the jam occurred.

2 Turn off the printer.

3 Take away any paper trays. Examine them for wrinkled or broken paper.

four Open any other doors that give access to the printer’s paper path and to the toner or ink cartridge.

five If essential, eliminate the toner or ink cartridge. Place it in a bag or away from light to prevent damaging it.

6 If you come across a piece of jammed paper, get rid of it by holding it with each hands and pulling firmly (see A). The target should be to continue to keep the paper from tearing. If numerous pieces are jammed together, try out pulling out the middle piece first to loosen the jam.

7 When the paper does tear, test rotating the roller gears manually to free of charge the paper (see B). Will not force something, though.

eight Change the toner or ink cartridge and paper trays, near any doors you opened and flip the printer back on.

9 In the event the printer paper jam message nonetheless seems, then there is certainly nonetheless some paper within the printer. Reinspect the paper path.